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10 laws of productivity

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I’m a big fan of Behance team.
I’ve read the book “Making ideas happen” in which I’ve found a lot of very good ideas.
Recently I went throw an article: “10 laws of productivity“.

I highly recommend you to read it as it is concrete, simple and clear.

The 10 laws are :

1. Break the seal of hesitation
2. Start small.
3. Prototype, prototype, prototype.
4. Create simple objectives for projects, and revisit them regularly.
5. Work on your project a little bit each day.
6. Develop a routine.
7. Break big, long-term projects into smaller chunks or “phases.”
8. Prune away superfluous meetings (and their attendees).
9. Practice saying “No.”
10. Remember that rules – even productivity rules – are made to be broken.

I’ve also created a very simple presentation about it that you can use if you need to present the document to several people, feel free to use it!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: westpark via Compfight

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