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“Let’s do better presentations” : all about good powerpoint presentations

One of my favorite topics is about how to improve bad (powerpoint) presentations.
At work we spend a lot of time in meetings where the speaker uses powerpoint presentation to support his speach.
Powerpoint is also used for sales meeting, to introduce products.

These presentations are too often boring : too long, not enough structured, messy, too complicated.

Powerpoint ios not a bad tool. It’s even a good one : a lot of functionalities, easy to use.
In fact t becomes a problem because it makes it too easy to produce slides.

On this blog I post time to time about good ressources on the topic to help us to improve.

To make it more efficient I’ve created a specific page where all these resources are listed :

[h4] “Let’s do better presentation”  [/h4]

Feu d'artifice du 14 juillet 2011 sur le sites de la Tour Eiffel et du Trocadéro à Paris vu de la Tour Montparnasse - Fireworks on Eiffel Tower

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I hope you’ll like it, and it will help you to make your next presentation as interesting as fireworks !


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  • Cljones |

    I agree, most will become bored, unattentive and fail to grasp total purpose or meaning for lengthy power point presentations. The human is preprogramed to engage short term mememory process. When a presentation extends beyond 15 minutes, using avitar communications it becomes less interesting, and often fails to attract viewer.

    Make presentations conducive with actual performance work. When a lesson requires PPT keep it short and simple, allowing viewer to take not only mental notes but physical notes also. This allows greater use of time,information and transferrence from speaker to learner.

    We must remember simple anaologies, “less is more” and noting “it does not take a rocket scientst to know how to sell an apple, it simply requires simple logic”.