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“All is about passion” – Scott Dunlap (ultra runner)

Scott Dunlap is an ultra runner.
His passion,  his life is about running races longer than a marathon (up to 100 miles,  160 kilometers).
Scott gave a speech at Le Web last week.
The topic was about “internet of things”.
Scott uses devices to monitor his performances : speed,  elevation, calories burnt,…

Running very long discuss is crasy.
It’s a lot of pain.

So why do this ?

Scott answer is very simple : “all is about passion”. I like this statement.
Your content here.One nice device he also uses is a kind of “mood traker”.
Every 30 minutes, Scott press a button to rank his mindset, his mood on a scale from – 4 to +4, i.ie from “please kill me now” to “Euphoric”.
The result is very interesting and is repeatable from race to race : Scott mood go up and down 3 times,  with higher and higher intensity.

The 3 “bad mood” states are called “The wall”, “the pit” and “the Abyss”.

Scott explains that he like running because these difficults phases are followed by good ones ! And especially the last one the Euphoria state.

A very inspiring video.

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