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4 reasons to use mind42 for mind mapping

Snow balls Today I’ve found a very nice mind mapping application that I’d like to share it with you.

I’m a big fan of mindmapping, I use it quite systematically when I’m brainstorming, thinking, …

Today I’ve given a new try to mind42, and I have to say that I’m very happy of what I saw.

The team did a great work and the application is now very good.

What I prefer is :

it’s simple

In a simple browser, the application is very intuitive, no need to read long tutorial, …

it’s bug free

I did not try it extensively, but for basic usage, in a chrome browser, I did not meet any bug !

it allows me to collaborate with others !

This is for me a must have for mindmap application. Mindmapping is for brainstorming, puting your ideas on paper to sutrcure them but also to share them.

The best is to be able to collaborate on the same piece.

Today, I still miss the wonderful mindmap plugin in google wave !

It seems that mind42 is very good for collaboration : 2 or more people can collaborate real-time on the same document. That’s great !

it’s free !

photo : blmiers2 via Compfight

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My best Chrome extensions : aviary

This post is part of a series on which I present the best chrome's extensions I use.

Aviary is an online image editor that proposes a full range of tools.

I use it when I have simple images to edit.

Image representing Aviary as depicted in Crunc...

I like it because it’s easy, simple, free, and in the cloud, so I’ve access to all my creation whatever device I use.

The aviary chrome extension is very basic, with a simple click it capture the current page and opens aviary for further editing.

If you have to do such action, I highly recommend you to install it.

I use it a lot.

If you want to try it, just follow the link.


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My best Chrome extensions : Evernote web clipper


I’m a big user of evernote.

I’ve it installed on my laptop, on my phone, on my iPad.

I like to use it to record interesting datas like infographies, graphs I find on Internet

The chrome extension “evernote web clipper” is just perfect : by a smple click I can add the page or image to my evernote collection.

I use it a lot.

If you want to try it, just follow the link.


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My best Chrome extensions : Lastpass (the ideal password manager)

LastPass is a password manager that promise you “The Last paswword you have to remember”.
The principle is to record all your passwords in a simple place and remember only one which is your lastpass password, like the key of your safe.

I use the service since few years now to secure all my passwords for all the services I use (I’ve more than 200 sites secured).
Lastpass proposes a chrome extension I use everyday when I’m connected : at home, at work.

The main reason I use it is because of the chrome extension : it makes the access to the service simple and easy.

This simple extension is the access point to the lastpass service and gives access to your “lastpass vault” where all your passwords are secured.

The extension is also screening the pages you’re browsing and if necessary proposes you to automatically fill login / password. It’s really very well done.

I hope you’ll enjoy it !

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My best Chrome extensions : Proxy Switchy!

We often have to change the “proxy” settings on our latops, depending where we are (at office or at home for example).

This change is not very easy on windows (in Internet Explorer : tools / internet options / connections / lan settings and then type the proxy configuration).

Switchy! is a chrome extension that do it for you in 2 clicks !

The principle is very easy : you just need few minutes to install and configure it with different configuration you’re using (for me : direct connection with no proxy, work with proxy).

Then, when your laptop starts, you open a Chrome browser, and select the good configuration in 2 clicks.

Try it, it’s fast and easy !

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