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My word for 2017 : “Learn”

1 year ago I decided that my word for 2016 would be “Focus” and I’m very happy about it.
This idea of replacing the traditional New Year’s resolutions by just 1 word is an idea I took from Benoit Curdy and for 2016 it works for me. I really made progress, it helped me to be more efficient and enjoy life (1 tab in browser is quite challenging but I love it 🙂 )

It’s now time to decide what will be my new word for 2017 and it will be “Learn“.

I’ve always been in a “learning” attitude. During my career, I’ve jumped between different topics, businesses, jobs.

Learning new things is key to be able to invent, innovate.

In the tech area, many things are happening: block-chain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, autonomous cars, chatbots, platforms, and also Arduino, raspberry, IoT, …
The world is changing very fast thanks to new technologies and it’s going faster and faster.

Looking back at what has happened in the last 10 years, is really mind-blowing.

What will happen in the next 10 years?

In order to really understand what is happening, be able to anticipate trends, and innovate I think it’s even more important to learn.


My objective for this year will be to spend the time to learn new things, especially in the tech area.
That will include

  • learn more about A.I. I know the theory of neural networks as I studied it in the ’90 but I need to learn how to use it now (could be with google Tensorflow or others)
  • learn new development languages (should be node.js and Angular.js)
  • learn how to assemble hardware to build simple automation in my house (could be this or that)
  • learn more about block-chain (not sure what I can do with that).

In order to learn I’ll have to :

  • Dedicate time to this activity (this means less time other things, I’ll have to make choices)
  • Read more and more: As Confucius said: “You cannot open a book without learning something.”. Last year I read 10 books,  I plan to read at least 15 this year.
  • Try things, experiment. I’ll try as much as possible to implement concrete things. Experiment means failure, and failure means learning.
  • Share as much as possible. Share with my friends, my colleagues, my family but also online. I’m a heavy user of Twitter and LinkedIn, I will be more present on Facebook to share and interact with others (especially to learn how it works )

I wish you a wonderful year!

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