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My experience with ZTD / Week 6 results (3 MITs per day) : 39 % success !

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This is the report #6 of my experimental implementation of  Zen To Done the productivity methodology by Leo Babauta.

As a reminder, the first habit I’ve decided to implement is to define every morning the 3 Most Important Topics (MITs) I want / need / commit to achieve during the day.

During week #1, the success rate has been 52 % (11/21) , during week #2, it has been 47% (9/19), and during week #3, a total failure (6%), week #4 had been better : 59% success , week #5 has been so far the best week, with 78% succes.

[h4]Here’re the results of week #6 :[/h4][list_check]
[li] 3 MITs for the week : Did I defined 3 MITs  ? :  YES, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li]
[li]Day 1 (February 27th) : Did I defined 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve :2/3[/li]
[li]Day 2  (February 28th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 2/3[/li]
[li]Day 3 (February 29th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li]
[li]Day 4 (March 1st) :Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 0/3[/li]
[li]Day 5 (March 2nd) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : Yes, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li]
[li]Total : I’ve defined the MITs everyday, I’ve achieved  7/18 (39%).[/li]  [/list_check]

[h4]What are  my conclusions ?[/h4]
[li]7/18  is not a very good result in term of % of success, even if last week has been very productive for me.[/li]
[li]The main explanation of the low success rate is because I had 2 actions that needed few days to be completed. I should have divided them in really achivable daily MITs. By the way, it does not really matter as I managed to finish these important actions on time.[/li]
[li]Back from Hollidays, I’ve successfully continued my new habbit. I can now consider that it’s a win ![/li]
[li]defining MITs everyday really helped me to be (at least feel) efficient ![/li][/list_check]
Starting this week, I’ll start to implement a new routine.
The objective will be to come back under control with emails. I’ll manage emails to stay inbox 0.
To achieve this, the new habbit will be to check emails daily for 30 minutes.

Results next week …

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