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My secret to appreciate Facebook: NO TRUST !

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They are a lot of discussions these days around how Facebook handle it’s user’s data privacy.
I’ve talked about it in a previous post.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve absolutely no issue with this.
Do you know why ?
Because I do not trust Facebook. I do not trust it at all !

As a consequence,  all the datas I put there can be public, I’ve no issue.
No secrets.
All my privacy settings are set to share everything, like this, I cannot be disappointed by Facebook if they change their mind.

I think everybody should do like me and this is why :

  1. Facebook is a very very young company that has grown very very fast.
    In these conditions, errors are always possible

  2. Facebook is inventing something totally new.
    Who could imagine this very big social network just 10 years ago ?
    Who can predict what it will be in 5 years ?
    The system is totally new, the rules need to be written, so for sure they will change.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg has never been very keen to commit on user privacy.
    In fact it’s the opposite.
    Facebook commit to provide its users a system to share more and more datas with more and more people, by default, datas are shared.
    To build a system that is really sure in term of security and privacy it has to be designed for this since the beginning, it has to be part of it’s DNA. This is not the case for Facebook.

Of course not trusting Facebook limit a lot the added value…
Of course I hope that something new will come in future with less functionalities, but with privacy commitment written in it’s DNA.
Maybe it’s Diaspora ?

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