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My Setup

What do I  use to get the job done?

What hardware do you use?

I’ve been using a Chromebook for 5 years now. This is my only device.

I love it because it’s very fast to boot, it’s very reliable as I do not need to do any backup if the device fails I just take another one, and of course it’s very cheap.

My current device is an HP X2 with a touchscreen.

Lately, Android app can run on it, I love it.

My phone is PIXEL 3 by Google. I love the pure Android experience.

I do not have any tablet as my Chromebook has a detachable screen.

Finally, I have a Kindle Oasis on which I read books and blog posts (see later).

And what software?

As I use a Chromebook, I’m an extensive user of Gsuite tools (Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation).

For my todo, I use Trello. (before that I have been a happy user of todoist for 5 years) I started to use it in 2014. When Google Inbox/reminders came I got out of Todoist, but finally, I’m back as I don’t feel Inbox/reminders are enough for me to be under control (more on how I work here)

To take note, I’m on Workflowy. My story with Worflowy started in in 2012.  It’s my primary tool to take notes, minutes of meetings. I love the fact it runs in a simple browser and the list/ zoomable philosophy if perfect for me.

For my podcasts, I’m a heavy user of Pocketcast (I listen to tons of podcasts while running).

When I run I listen to books via Audible (you can follow all the book I’ve read in Goodreads).

Every morning I read the news in Feedly.

When I find great articles in Feedly or twitter or somewhere else that I do not have time to read, I record them in  Pocket to read them later (these articles are also sent from Pocket to my kindle via P2k for “quiet” reading).

What would be your dream set-up?

I’m not too far from it.