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My favorite videos : The Known Universe by AMNH

An impresssive video of the journey from earth to the limit of the universe…

This post if part of a series in which I present my prefered videos. You can find all these videos on my youtube channel.


My best photos : Bonsai in Singapore

I love bonsai trees.

I took this photo in Singapore’s Chinese Garden.

In this place there’re the best bonsais I’ve ever seen.

This post is part of a serie of posts in which I present my best photos. All of them have been taken by me. The quality is not professional of course, but I love them. You can find all the posts here.

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Welcome to all Norwegian! (yesterday, 72% of visitors of this blog have connected from Norway)

Yesterday something strange happened.

72% of visitors of this blog have connected from Norway.

On a normal day, main connected countries are France and US.

I’m not sure what happened.

All this visitors came to see an old post “5 iconic images… in 3D” about which I sent a tweet yesterday morning

Is it because of the topic ?

Is it because by luck this tweet has been put on a homepage?

Was it just a robot ?

If you have an idea, or if you connect from Norway, feel free to leave me a comment here !



The rise and fall of personal computing

Changes are occuring faster and faster in tech world.

I love this chart from asymco.com, because it shows in 1 page this acceleration.

The Y scale is a logarithmic scale and even like this we can see that Android and iPad growth is just crasy compare to the whole history.

It shows also very well ho ;obile devices are boo;ing and are now more important than traditionnal personnal computing devices (PC, Mac).

Where will it stop ?


Hey Google, where is the offline mode?

2 years ago I wrote a post about the need of offline mode for google services (google documents and gmail).
Offline mode is really a missing feature especially  for people who travel.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

2 years ago, google used to use a plugin “google gear” to implement a minimal offline mode : mails were accessible and documents were in read-only mode.

Where are we 2 years later ?


Google gears has disappeared.

For gmail an application is available in the chrome webstore, but it’s not really good as it’s not consistent with the normal way to access gmail.

Google promised to implement offline using html5, but it’s still not available.

If anyone knows about the roadmap, let me know !


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My experience with ZTD / Week 4 results (3 MITs per day) : 59 % success !

Pasture Juniper  (Juniperus communis ssp. depressa)

This is the report #4 of my experimental implementation of  Zen To Done the productivity methodology by Leo Babauta.

As a reminder, the first habit I’ve decided to implement is to define every morning the 3 Most Important Topics (MITs) I want / need / commit to achieve during the day.

During week #1, the success rate has been 52 % (11/21) , during week #2, it has been 47% (9/19), and during week #3, a total failure (6%)…

Here’re the results of week #4 :


  • 3 MITs for the week : Did I defined 3 MITs  ? :  YES,  How many did I achieve : 1/3
  •  Day 1 (February 6th) : Did I defined 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve :3/3
  • Day 2  (February 7th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 1/2
  • Day 3 (February 8th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 2/3
  • Day 4 (February 9th) :Did I define 3 MITs ? : NO
  • Day 5 (February 10th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : Yes, How many did I achieve : 3/3
  • Total : I’ve defined the MITs 4 times instead of 5, I’ve achieved  10/17 (59%).

 What are  my conclusions ?

  • 10/17  is a better  result compare to last week and is my best result ever!
  • As decided last week, I’ve improved my routine, and I’ve defined the 3 MITs  before starting my day except on day 4.

For the new coming week, my objective is to continue the implementation of this new habit, with a better result. If the result is there, it will be time to implement a new habbit !

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The Art of presentation #3 (we need to improve our presentations !)

95% of presentations are boring. Everybody use PowerPoint few people know how to use it.

This post is number 3 to introduce you a very good serie of slides written Eduardo S. de la Fuente .

If you do presentations, you should read this carefully.

If you missed previous posts, they are here, and  here.

In this third edition, you’ll learn :

  • how to design your presentations
  • how to choose the images
  • how to present datas.

Relax, breath and enjoy !

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Today I’m 41 !

This is not so important for many people, but today like every year on February 10th, it’s my birthday.

This last year has been full of good things, and the starting one is very promising !
To celebrate this, here’s some good energy bring to you by SoniaT
I use this photo as wallpaper on my laptop.



My best photos : Snow in the Alps

This is a very simple photo take from the window of my house.

I like the snow on the trees, it’s nice, quiet, and remind me a lot of good memories !

This post is part of a serie of posts in which I present my best photos. All of them have been taken by me. The quality is not professionnal of course, but I love them. You can find all the posts here.


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