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Spotify new version : we’re near the ultimate music application !

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As I’ve explained in a previous I’m a premium spotify user since last november.

I use spotify daily at home on my desktop, on my laptop and traveling, on iPhone.

What I prefer in spotify is :

  • the access to a huge catalog of music
  • a good iphone application with a very important offline mode

On my post in november, I wrote :

Of course, now, I hope that spotify will improve the experience with new functionnalities in the application (better playlist management) and social features

Today spotify released a new version of its application, and … the new version brings social features and better library management !

With this new version, it’s now possible to share playlists using facebook (when spotify is launched, it asks you login/password to connect to your facebook account).

The other new important feature is that the music files on your computer are accessible throw spotify UI.

I already love it !

(normally, the update comes automatically, if it does not, you can just go to the spotify website and download it).

See you on spotify.

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Vino wins Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the power of wikipedia …

Today, Alexander Vinokourov  won the cycling race “Liege-Bastogne-Liege“.
Is it really important ? Maybe not, except for cycling fans like me…

What interests me here is that the race ended at 14:52, and wikipedia started to be updated only 3 minutes later !

I’m currently reading the book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” by Daniel H. Pink.

This book discuss about motivation, and the first example taken is to compare the 2 encyclopedias Encarta from Microsoft and Wikipedia.
One done by the big Microsoft with a lot of money, and the other by a lot of anonymous volunteers.
Of course, you know the result, the team of highly motivated people built the very complete Wipidedia, and Encarta… does not exist anymore.

Today one more time, a cycling fan took some time to update Wikipedia with the result of the race, and Wikipedia is immediately up-to-date.

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2 very good articles about Cloud computing

Bowl of cloudsImage by kevindooley via Flickr
Here’re 2 very good blog posts I’ve read tonight about cloud computing.

These posts are interesting because they go behind the hype and propose a concrete analysis of cloud computing.
A must read !

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Why I’ll never buy an amazon kindle …and why it’s not a bad news for amazon

Books behind the bedImage by zimpenfish via Flickr

In a post last October I asked my self if I should buy a kindle for Christmas.

Finally, I did not and now I’m sure it was a good decision.
I’ll never buy a kindle because I’ll buy an iPad, and I’ll use the kindle application to access amazon books.

I’ve already tried the kindle application for iPhone.
I’ve read a first real book on it and I was very impressed of the quality of the reading experience even on a very small screen : good contrast, very easy to read (even in bad luminosity conditions).

Having it on an Ipad (which is basically a big Iphone) will be just perfect for me.

I’ve just found an article in mashable, where you’ll see that other people think like me.

So finally, Amazon will not sell a lot of kindle, but will sell a lot of electronic books, thanks to the kindle application.

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