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The 3 promises of cloud computing

People often ask me what is cloud computing added-value.
My answer is :

 1- Lower cost of ownership

Going to the cloud means the big modification, infrastructure sharing, same software for all. This will necessarily bring lower cost of ownership.

2- Better functionalities.

Cloud based applications (Software as a service) are new software. They use last available technologies and implement new functional concepts. The major improvement is about collaboration. Because ‘file’ as we knew it for ever does not exist anymore, people can collaborate easily in a totally new way.

3- Better agility and flexibility

With cloud infrastructure can be started up or stopped on demand, applications do not need to be installed. They just need to be used. This brings a totally new dimension in term of agility and flexibility.


Just spend less to boost your innovation (source = Amazon.com)

This slide describe the 3 pillars of Amazon culture. Of course, Amazon is Customer centric. Of course Amazon is a company that innovate a lot. What is very interesting is that Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO) explains that frugality (spending less) is a boost for innovation. I like this concept and strongly believe he is right.

amazon frugality (This slide comes from the presentation “Amazon.com: the Hidden Empire “.)


The scribe

As a CIO I’ve sometimes to face crisis : a critical system is down, it has to be repaired as fast as possible.
In such a  case, a good organisation and good processes are mandatory to be efficient.
When the crisis in ongoing, people are under pressure. 
All the members of the crisis squad are working hard to execute actions to solve the problem. 
New events are coming about the environment.
1 key role is the scribe.
The scribe duty is (simply) to write  down what is ongoing : actions performed, news findings, new events…
This role is very important because : 
– this material will be used  real time by the crisis leader when he makes a status
– the person in charge of crisis communication will find there all informations he needs 
– new person coming on board during the crisis will be brieffed using it
– finally, these notes will be key material for the analysis after the crisis. The notes will be evidences that will be used during the debrieff to inderstand what happened.


I’ve 1000 contacts on linkedin

Today I just saw I’ve 1000 contacts on linkedin.

I use linkedin more and more everyday.1000 contacts- LinkedIn

First it’s my “evolutive” contact list : every time I meet someone I immediately send a connection invitation, and I don’t keep anymore the paper business card.

If someone I meet is not on linkedin, I’ll not keep his contact information.

I appreciate to keep “light” contact with people and follow their carreer and contact them again later even if they have a new job.

It’s also a place where I share interesting articles (from feedly) and I read trending topics and also parse what my contacts are sharing, which is often good stuff as these people have something in common with me (they are in my network).

Until today my policy has been to accept all invitations (except very strange ones, but they are very few) and I’m quite happy with it as I don’t feel totally overwhelmed by requests and I still see a coherence in my contacts.

Maybe I’ll change that in the future.



Today I’ve removed Dropbox app from my ipad.

Today  I’ve removed Dropbox app from my ipad.

The reason is very simple : I don’t use it anymore since few months.

I store a lot of files in the cloud, and I was an happy early adopter of Dropbox but as Google drive has improved a lot,  it’s now my single place to store files.

I did not plan for this change,  but it happened  because Google Drive makes it easy to share documents and because it can be easily used by several users on the same PC.


The 4 real reasons why cloud computing is not good for your business

The IT world is in mutation. This is now sure. Legacy IT is going to the cloud.

Around me, I see people that don’t really believe it, or are reluctant, so here’re the 4 reasons that can explain why cloud computing is not good for your business :

  1. because your IT team does not understand it
  2. because you think it’s safer to keep your money under your bed instead of putting it in a Bank
  3. because  you are afraid of  change and love status quo, and you’re convinced that it was better in the old days
  4. because you produce your own electricity and don’t want to rely on centralized power plants
If none of these are true for you… believe me, you should proceed !