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Why the new RT function implemented in twitter is a (very) good idea : because it brings consistency

Last week, I discovered on my www.twitter.com a new button “RT”.

I’ve explained it in this post why I think it’s nice even if .. there’s a limitation :you cannot comment anymore your retweet (add a personnal touch).

Today I’ve read this post from Evan Williams (Twitter CEO).

In this post, @ev explains the reasons of this implementation, and the reasons are very good, and especially it improve the overall system consistency.

With an embedded RT function, the whole system will be consistent, and it will be possible and easy to see who is retweeted, who are the sources.

 Today, it’s not really possible, because every RT alters the initial message.
@ev also explains that it’s a first version, and that improvements will come later.

I let you check read the post for more details.

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My favorite Google Wave gadget is MindMap gadget

I use Mind map on a day to day basis when I need to structure a topic, especially in brainstorming phase.

For this, I use freemind which an open source dekstop application.
I've discovered last week a gadget for Google wave that allow you to build a mind map within a wave.
Very powerful to work remotely.
Of course this first version has limited functionalities, but it's ok to start to use it.

All the informations are on "Bruce's blog"

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If you want to improve your self-organisation (good todo lists, …) check this video of David Allen at google ((tags todos,videos,gtd))

I found this video very inspiring.

David Allen (who wrote the book Getting Things Done) gives a talk to Google staff.

The length of the video is 45 minutes, I watch it entirely !

 If you've read the book, the video will give you another vision of it, by the author, if you did not read it, it will give you an introduction.



Check it, and let me know what you think !

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Why I’m an happy premium Spotify user

I wrote a post “My music experience” in april this year, 6 motnhs ago.
The purpose of this post was to give my personnal experience about music, from the 80s to these days.

My conclusion was that spotify would be a perfect system for me, with few enancements :

to be able to “download” the music I like on some mp3 devices to be able to listen to them not connected to the internet.

to have a better management of my library (not just simple playlist).

to imporve the social part of it : having my friend using it and sharing new songs / artists we discover

So what is the situation today ?
Very simple, I’m now a premium spotify user, I pay 10€/month for that.
I use spotify everyday to listen music : on my laptop when I work and I need to concentrate, in my car or at home on my stereo system, using the iphone.
Why did I subscribe to the premuim ? 3 reasons :

  1. To get rid of the advertisment of the free version : In the free version, the advertisment message comes every 10/15 minutes, with the same message ! It’s quite boring !
  2. To use the Iphone application :  The Iphone application is great. The level of functionnalities is the same as the desktop version.
  3.  The most important feature is the “offline mode”.  In this mode, the applications download the music when you’re connected to wifi, and after you can listen to it even if the Iphone is not connected to a network

I’ve around 800 cds that I’ve paid at an average price of 15 Euros so a total of 1 200 Euros.
This is equivalent to 10 years of spotify’s premium subscription !

So today I’m a happy spotify premium user, I don’t use anymore itunes or windows mediaplayer, and I do not plan to buy any new CD or buy music online.

Of course, now, I hope that spotify will improve the experience with new functionnalities in the application (better playlist management) and social features.