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My favorite Google Wave gadget is MindMap gadget

I use Mind map on a day to day basis when I need to structure a topic, especially in brainstorming phase.

For this, I use freemind which an open source dekstop application.
I've discovered last week a gadget for Google wave that allow you to build a mind map within a wave.
Very powerful to work remotely.
Of course this first version has limited functionalities, but it's ok to start to use it.

All the informations are on "Bruce's blog"

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If you want to improve your self-organisation (good todo lists, …) check this video of David Allen at google ((tags todos,videos,gtd))

I found this video very inspiring.

David Allen (who wrote the book Getting Things Done) gives a talk to Google staff.

The length of the video is 45 minutes, I watch it entirely !

 If you've read the book, the video will give you another vision of it, by the author, if you did not read it, it will give you an introduction.



Check it, and let me know what you think !

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Why I’m an happy premium Spotify user

I wrote a post “My music experience” in april this year, 6 motnhs ago.
The purpose of this post was to give my personnal experience about music, from the 80s to these days.

My conclusion was that spotify would be a perfect system for me, with few enancements :

to be able to “download” the music I like on some mp3 devices to be able to listen to them not connected to the internet.

to have a better management of my library (not just simple playlist).

to imporve the social part of it : having my friend using it and sharing new songs / artists we discover

So what is the situation today ?
Very simple, I’m now a premium spotify user, I pay 10€/month for that.
I use spotify everyday to listen music : on my laptop when I work and I need to concentrate, in my car or at home on my stereo system, using the iphone.
Why did I subscribe to the premuim ? 3 reasons :

  1. To get rid of the advertisment of the free version : In the free version, the advertisment message comes every 10/15 minutes, with the same message ! It’s quite boring !
  2. To use the Iphone application :  The Iphone application is great. The level of functionnalities is the same as the desktop version.
  3.  The most important feature is the “offline mode”.  In this mode, the applications download the music when you’re connected to wifi, and after you can listen to it even if the Iphone is not connected to a network

I’ve around 800 cds that I’ve paid at an average price of 15 Euros so a total of 1 200 Euros.
This is equivalent to 10 years of spotify’s premium subscription !

So today I’m a happy spotify premium user, I don’t use anymore itunes or windows mediaplayer, and I do not plan to buy any new CD or buy music online.

Of course, now, I hope that spotify will improve the experience with new functionnalities in the application (better playlist management) and social features.


Here it is, I’ve re-tweet in twitter.com. Looks cool

This morning, connecting to twitter, I saw a new infor;ation on top of the window : twitter added to my account as beta group member the new “Retweet” functions.

It looks good, and give added value : instead of the classical “RT xxx”, my followers will see the initial tweet with a small mention that show I’ve re-tweeted it.

It will be more “readable” for followers, especially in case of multiple re-tweets
We will not face anymore the “more than 140 characters” issues when re-tweeting !

The small inconvenient I see is that using this, I cannot add a comment (to explain why I re-tweeted). But maybe it’s not so important !

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Seesmic 1 – Tweetdeck 0 : Why quality is always important

iPhone TwitterImage by tonyhall via Flickr

Tweetdeck and Seesmic are struggling to be number 1 twitter application.

Yesterday was important in this match.
While seemic made a big buzz implementing twitter lists,  in Web version, tweetdeck failed to released a new new version for Iphone : because of a bug that made the application crash for some users, they had to rollback, and now are waiting for apple to approve the new version.
Few thought about this :
1 – Quality is FIRST. You can go fast but if quality is not there, you’ll not win
2 – When you’re fast with good quality, no need to tease a lot. Just do it, and people will come to you
3 – The apple process with a quality check and an approval has big impact on startups release strategy : while on web or private applications you can release as soon as possible, on Iphone, you do not manage the schedule…
Of course the match is not over, but today, seesmic scored some points…
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This morning… a rainbow made my day !

Htis morning, bad weather here, cloudy and rainy.
Because it’s automn, sun comes quite late (after 8am).
So I was driving in bad mood, because of the weather, the cold, the rain, and suddenly, in front of me a wonderfull rainbow, done by some sun that came throw a hole in the clouds.
Just magic (the photo is not done by me, driving, I couldn’t take it, but the atmosphere was similar).

Life is so simple sometimes, a simple rainbow in the morning while driving to work and you feel good !

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Google Wave… My first (GOOD) impressions

Originally uploaded by Ric e Ette

Here it’s, finally I’ve got an invitation to use Google Wave, the new Google communication tool.
Since the announcement last may, I’m like everybody, waiting for it.

Finally, it has been released on 1st of October, for few lucky people that then had invitations to send to their friends, etc…

First reactions were not enthusiastic, especially by famous blogger Robert Scoble.
Scoble explains here and here that Google wave is over hype and very unproductive because of all the noise it generates.

Scoble explains that wave is as nonproductive as email, and even worse

Google Wave adds many of these unproductive problems and then lays another few unproductive things on top…

It is noisy, but the noise often happens way down in a wave deep in your inbox…

This is far far worse than email. (New email always shows up at the top of my inbox, where Google Wave can bring me new stuff deep down at the bottom of my inbox)…

And, worse, when I look at my Google Wave page I see dozens of people all typing to me in real time. I don’t know where to look and keeping up with this real time noise is less like email, which is like tennis (hit one ball at a time) and more like dodging a machine gun of tennis balls. Much more mentally challenging.

So finaly, I could try iy !
Is it as bad as Scoble says lt ?

Honestly NO, and even I’d say, Google wave is GREAT, and very promising.

Here’re the main reasons :

  • It’s nice, and easy to use

The design is nice, I like to use it.
Without any explanation, I was able to start a wave and discuss with friends

  • It’s real-time

You see what the other person is writing without waiting for this “enter” key. This is very nice and improve the interaction. I often work with other people located on the other side of the planet. Chat is a very good tool to discuss, and build solutions, we use it everyday.
The real-time aspect of wave will be a real added value.

  • You can structure the discussion

In “normal” chat tool, what you write come in a list, one after the other.
In wave, you can add your comment at the good place. Then, the discussion is structured, with main stream and sub discussion. Quite powerful

  • Traceability of discussions

All the discussions are kept as waves that you can archive.

  •  Wave is an open platform

The “extension” notion seems to be very powerful, and open for developpers, this will bring new nice features very soon.
As I see it, people will build collaborative solutions based on wave platform. Such a solution, used in the context of a small team will be very powerful.

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Will I get a Kindle for Christmas ?

This morning, I connected to my favorite amazon.fr (yes, I’m in France) to order a book.

And… fantastic news… on the home page, I can read “The new kindle is now available for ordering“.

This is a news I’m waiting for months.

The things I’m waiting from a kindle are :

  • be able to buy a new book and have it immediatly (yes, I’m quite impatient sometimes…)
  • have just 1 thing to bring in which I’ve all my books. I often read few books at the same time…
  • have my favorite newspaper directly at home. I love reading newspaper, but it’s sometimes boring to go and buy them (especially in winter, cold weather…)

So this news made me very happy !
I plan to buy a kindle since the first day. Why didn’t I do it yet ?

First because it was not available where I live (before in Singapore, now in France).
I know I can still order it from US or buy on eBay, but no. I do not like to buy items that are not available where I’m because I know it will be painfull to use (what happen if it fails ? ….)

Second, because of the price. I think my limit is 220 USD which is quite the price for US people now.

So, will I get a kindle for Christmas ?
This is not sure…

  • The price is still a little bit to high (when I place the order… the price goes to 334 USD to be compared to my 220 USD limit …+50% )
  • I need to check which books are really available (this a quite important point !). Should be ok, books are read are mainly in english and about tech topics.
  • I also need to know which french newspapers are availabble (I know “le monde” is)
  • Finally, I’m not sure about the wireless connection. Is it 3G ? Wifi ? Will it work in France ? If I go in other countries (Italy, Singapore, …) will it work ?

One strange thing is that amazon do not really communicate or tease about it.

So, let’s think about it… and maybe wait for an android eBook ?

[Update] :
I’ve found avery good blog about kindle : simply “Blog Kindle
In this article International Release for Kindle 2 ! I’ve learnt that :

  • the kindle available is the “kindle 2” while last version is Kindle DX…
  • the kindle is available for France Italy
  • the kindle is not available for Singapore (strange)
Will I buy it for Christmas… I still do not know !
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With realtime web, geography become more important

Originally uploaded by 96dpi

After 2 years sent in Singapore, I’m now based in France.
I go to Singapore time to time for business.

Using twitter everyday, I realised that real time web is very linked to where you’re, because of time zones.

When we use realtime web tools (twitter, search in twitter), the interaction is done with people online.

If you’re online when other people are sleeping… the efficiency is not so high.

Being in Singapore, it was more difficult for me to interact with people in France, especally in evening time (evening in France is night in Singapore).

Internet is a very good tool to simplify interaction even if people are far away, for this, websites, emails are very efficient tools to share information, and exchange information, on asynchroneous mode.

With realtimeweb, it will change, it’s more like having a log of interactions, but in realtime, so people need to use it at the same time to interact.

Everybody says, and we see it, that new web is about real-time, so it will be interisting to see how it will be auto organised, based on the location of people.