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4 reasons to use mind42 for mind mapping

Snow balls Today I’ve found a very nice mind mapping application that I’d like to share it with you.

I’m a big fan of mindmapping, I use it quite systematically when I’m brainstorming, thinking, …

Today I’ve given a new try to mind42, and I have to say that I’m very happy of what I saw.

The team did a great work and the application is now very good.

What I prefer is :

it’s simple

In a simple browser, the application is very intuitive, no need to read long tutorial, …

it’s bug free

I did not try it extensively, but for basic usage, in a chrome browser, I did not meet any bug !

it allows me to collaborate with others !

This is for me a must have for mindmap application. Mindmapping is for brainstorming, puting your ideas on paper to sutrcure them but also to share them.

The best is to be able to collaborate on the same piece.

Today, I still miss the wonderful mindmap plugin in google wave !

It seems that mind42 is very good for collaboration : 2 or more people can collaborate real-time on the same document. That’s great !

it’s free !

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GTD : Why I switched from Nirvana to Wunderlist ?

I’ve been using Nirvana for a long time as my only tool to support my GTD system.

I like it because it’s nicely done, coherent with GTD, efficient.

By the way 2 weeks ago I’ve switched to Wunderlist.Sunrise with Tree

Why ?

For ONE  reason : MOBILITY.

Wunderlist has an ipad and an  android appplications.

These applications are nicely done and allow me to be 100% sure to access my actions even if I’m not connected to a good network (which is quite often finally).

If I want to have an efficient system it must be accessible on my ipad and or my galaxy tab, everyday, in all locations, online and offline.

For this, a dedicated application is a must.



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Only 2 companies are making profit selling phones !

You should read the presentation “The State of the Internet” from “Business Insider” .

You’ll find in a lot of numbers about internet evolution in last years (audience, advertisement, mobile, …)

For example, today, 95% of mobile profit are going to 2 companies : Apple and Samsung !

Except HTC, all others are losing money.undefined

(source : kelblog)


Power of less : The art of setting limits

The power of less is a book by Leo Babauta. This book is full of good stuff.

Chapter 2 is about “The art of setting limits”.

Chapter  main idea :

[h4]Setting limits is mandatory and is a iterative process[/h4]
Our time and space is limited, so we need to focus on limited items.

If you just take all comes to you, you’ll not be able to achieve it. you’ll have to many actions to do, to many phone call to give, and so on…

If you live without limits, it weaknens you in many ways, it dilutes your power and effectivness.

You can set limits on emails, daily tasks, the amount of time spent on the phone, the number of projects you have on your plate, …

To set the limits, you have to find the good number of items that fit to you.

For this you’ll have to analyse your habit and define a limit, test it for a week, adjust, and adjust again.

Here’s a quote from the book :

[blockquote_with_author author=”Leo Babauta”]

  1. Analyze your current usage levels (how many times do you do something a day ?) and pick a lower limit based on what you think would be ideal
  2. Test it out for about a week, and then analyze whether that’s working for you.
  3. If it doesn’t work, adjust to a new level you think might work better, and test that out for about a week.
  4. Continue to adjust until you find the right level and until you make it a habit.



If you want to read the full story, you can buy the paper or kindle version of the book here : Power of Less, The: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential

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My running report : August 2012

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: David via Compfight
Last time I’ve posted about my running experience was in april after my very good run in Annecy Half-Marathon when I improved my personnal record by 10 minutes.

5 months ago.

These 5 months have been difficult in term of running due to a bad muscle pain in the thigh .

Just after the race, the pain was so strong that it was even difficult to walk.

I had to rest a lot for it to heal.

From may to July I ran less than 50 km in total ! (I ran 105 km just in 1 month in march).

Starting mid-august, I have been able to run again around 2/3 times per week, and I’m very happy !

In order to prevent the pain to come back, doctors have asked me to strech more and build some abdominal muscle. I’m focusing on it…

My next objective is still the Paris Marathon, on April 7th 2013 !

I’ll be ready !



Google Glasses : is it really a good idea ?

Previously I’ve posted 2 videos about Google Glasses concept. These videos are from Google and present the concept.

Here’re 2 other videos that give another point of view.

The first one is just a parody, the 2nd one go more in depth in what our life could be if google glasses-like devices come in our world.

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.


Google Glasses : Will you buy it ?

Google glasses is said to be a new breakthrow as big as iphone was. For sure it’s something totally new, incredible.
To get an idea, here’re 2 videos.
The first one shows the concept, the second is a real demo done at Google I/O conference on June 17th.


7 ways to avoid the “Centipede’s Dilemma”

She's got legs
In a previous post I’ve described the “Centipede’s dilemma” that may affect your team.

Here’re some rules to avoid this Centiped’s dilemma and make your team as efficient as possible :

  1. be clear on the objective : if team members know what they have to achieve, they will not loose time in discussions.
  2. be as clear as possible on the plan : what are the milestones, the deliverables.
  3. be clear that the team has to success, not to explain the failure.
  4. on a project reuse standard templates from previous projects (for minutes of meetings, …) : we need to reuse,  reuse, resue… No creativity is needed for templates, templates will help people to focus on the essential.
  5. set a standard who / what / when template for action lists : people should not spend days to put in place action lists
  6. define proper governance model with at least 2 level (operational / steering) and be sure to make it work as soon as possible.
  7. be sure to involve experienced team members. They will detect “centipede dilemma” effect and react immediately to propose ways to proceed.


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10 hands on 1 guitar.

“Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk off the Earth (Gotye – Cover)” has a good success these days in France. If you watch this video you’ll have the song in your mind all day long !