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Google Glasses : Will you buy it ?

Google glasses is said to be a new breakthrow as big as iphone was. For sure it’s something totally new, incredible.
To get an idea, here’re 2 videos.
The first one shows the concept, the second is a real demo done at Google I/O conference on June 17th.


7 ways to avoid the “Centipede’s Dilemma”

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In a previous post I’ve described the “Centipede’s dilemma” that may affect your team.

Here’re some rules to avoid this Centiped’s dilemma and make your team as efficient as possible :

  1. be clear on the objective : if team members know what they have to achieve, they will not loose time in discussions.
  2. be as clear as possible on the plan : what are the milestones, the deliverables.
  3. be clear that the team has to success, not to explain the failure.
  4. on a project reuse standard templates from previous projects (for minutes of meetings, …) : we need to reuse,  reuse, resue… No creativity is needed for templates, templates will help people to focus on the essential.
  5. set a standard who / what / when template for action lists : people should not spend days to put in place action lists
  6. define proper governance model with at least 2 level (operational / steering) and be sure to make it work as soon as possible.
  7. be sure to involve experienced team members. They will detect “centipede dilemma” effect and react immediately to propose ways to proceed.


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10 hands on 1 guitar.

“Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk off the Earth (Gotye – Cover)” has a good success these days in France. If you watch this video you’ll have the song in your mind all day long !


Is your team affected by the “Centipede’s Dilemma” ?

She's got legs
For an organisation, a team to be efficient, proper strategy and thinking is very important. For sure, running a team without a plan, an objective can be very counterproductive : people don’t know what they have to do.

Saying this, it’s also very important to keep in mind that the biggest risk is to do nothing, because you’re scared of not having THE good plan.

Thinking too much sometimes can kill organisations : people spend time discussing about defining basics things, basic rules, and don’t move !

The best way to explain this is the “Centipede’s dilemma” :


A spider met a centipede.
“How do you keep all those legs coordinated?” the spider asked.
The centipede replied, “I don’t know. I’d never thought about it before.”
At this point, the spider ran off, and the centipede tried to give chase, but was unable to because he couldn’t make his legs walk properly, and he could never move again.

So, be sure not be affected by the Centipede’s Dilemna !


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The state of social media in the H2 2012

A  new  and very good presentation about social media.

A lot of very good and up-to-date numbers.

The one prefer is : With 158 Million users  US does not have the largest social networking population, China does with 308 Millions !




10 laws of productivity

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I’m a big fan of Behance team.
I’ve read the book “Making ideas happen” in which I’ve found a lot of very good ideas.
Recently I went throw an article: “10 laws of productivity“.

I highly recommend you to read it as it is concrete, simple and clear.

The 10 laws are :

1. Break the seal of hesitation
2. Start small.
3. Prototype, prototype, prototype.
4. Create simple objectives for projects, and revisit them regularly.
5. Work on your project a little bit each day.
6. Develop a routine.
7. Break big, long-term projects into smaller chunks or “phases.”
8. Prune away superfluous meetings (and their attendees).
9. Practice saying “No.”
10. Remember that rules – even productivity rules – are made to be broken.

I’ve also created a very simple presentation about it that you can use if you need to present the document to several people, feel free to use it!

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What Singapore can learn from Europe.

Koi Fish Pond

I’ve spent 2 years in Singapore, and go there for business once per quarter.

This city / country is amazing. In 45 years Singaporeans have been able to achieve tremendous development of their economy.

This has een possible thanks to good decisions, strong leadership, and a lot of work.

At the end, even if standard of living can be comparable between Europe and Singapore (living, housing, leisure, schools, …) huge differences exists espcially around politics, arts, inequalities.

These differences are  very difficult to describe without behing caricatural.

A colleague pointed to me  a very good article : What Singapore can learn from Europe by By Tommy Koh.

In this article , Mr Koh describe 4 areas of differences betweeen Europe and Singapore in which Singapore should learn from Europe :

[list_ordered][li]Salary equity and minimum wage[/li] [li]Higher fertility[/li] [li]Embracing nature and sustainable development[/li] [li]Heritage, culture and the arts[/li] [/list_ordered]

If you want to know more, just read it, this is a very good article to understand differences between Singapore and Europe society.

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I’ve improved my personal record on half-marathon by 10 minutes !

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I’m still folowing my objective to become a marathoner.

On april 15 I ran half-marathon for the 3rd time.

My first run was 1 year ago in Annecy (France), it went well, and it took me 2h 06 min to finish.

In december I did another try in Singapore, it went really very bad, and I finished the race totally exhausted in a terrible 2h26 minutes.

This new attempt was very important as I had 2 objectives : forget the Singapore failure, and improve my last year time to confirm that I’m on the good path to achieve a marathon soon!

Everything went well and I crossed the finish line in a very good (for me !) 1h56 min.

It’s 10 min, better than last year. It’s an average speed of 11.0 km/h (last year was 10km/h).

 Why did I improve ?

because every race I build experience. Last year was my first ever 21.1km run. This year it was the 3rd one

because the weather was very good : 7 degres, small rain. I’ve learnt that this is an ideal weather to run

because I was confident about my objective : some good training sessions showed me I was able to run at 11km/h

because I was not alone. 2 colleagues ran with me and helped me to keep the good pace

because I’m improving at running  ! I just started to run 2 years ago, so I’m still improving

because I did some “qualitative” training not just running to build my endurance skill.

So what is next ?

My new next objective is to run Paris marathon in 1 year from now.

Before that, I’ll run Paris-Versailles (17km) in september to keep an intermediate objective.

I’ve now one full year to improve and be ready !



My best photos : Sunset in Sumatra

From My best photos

I took this photo in Tuk-tuk, Lake Toba, on Sumatra island in Indonesia.

It’s was a rainy evening, by the lake.
Sunset helps to do nice photo with beautifull colors.

This post is part of a serie of posts in which I present my best photos. All of them have been taken by me. The quality is not professional of course, but I love them. You can find all the posts here.

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Global Internet users will double in the next years and most will be mobile.

Global Internet users will double in the next years and most will be mobile.
This is one of the facts you’ll find in this very good presentation by Business Insider : THE FUTURE OF MOBILE.

This very good presentation give an outlook of what is hapenning and what will happen in mobile market : market growth, OS war, …



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