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Google’s algorithm changes

Google succes started with 1 good idea : pagerank.

Every webpage is given a rank calculated with a sophisticated algorithm (how many links from other pages go to this page).

Thanks to this “pagerank”, google search feedback to users to best results.

I’ve found this infographic that lists all the changes applied to the algorithm years after years.

A lot of work ! Impressive, isn’t it ?


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Here’s an update of the mindmap I’ve published before : Project management best practises.
Based on recent comment from Bonnie, I’ve added a section about “clear team expectation”.

For more detail on this, you can read 2 details posts :

How to succeed in a project : a good team is mandatory. Best example : Apollo 13

How to succeed in a project : A good start is mandatory.

Do you have any ideas to complete this map ? Do not hesitate to feedback to me !

(I created this map using iTough on iPad)


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My best photos : Bicycle in Vietnam

I took this photo in Hanoi, Vietnam,

The guy tranports hats and baskets on the bicycle.

Bicycles are still very used in Vietnam for day to day transportations.

This post is part of a serie of posts in which I present my best photos. All of them have been taken by me. The quality is not professional of course, but I love them. You can find all the posts here.

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My favorite videos : incredible music in the woods

This video is an advertsisement.

I like it because it’s nicely done, quiet, and the system to produce the mucis is just magic !

Relax, smile, and enjoy !



New theme for this blog

As you can see, I did several improvements on the blog.

First one is the theme.
Beginning of January I switched to very minimalist theme proposed by Leo Babbauta.
I really loved it because it’s clean and nice.
I’ve decided to switch to a new one because Leo theme is too minimalist for me.
It’s not possible to insert widgets in the sidebar or footer for example.

It’s also not possible to add comments.
Of course I could spend time to improve it and develop using php and css, but I’m not good enough, and don’t have time for that and it’s not a good idea, as Leo didn’t implement these features on purpose.

Finally I’ve bought a theme : Purity 1.0 by Tauris.
It costed me 35 USD.
I choose it because it’s minimalist, clean, but proposes all functionnalities from a standard wordpress theme.
I took me some time to switch to it as I had to “redevelop” pages.
I took me around 8 hours, which is a lot ! But finally I’m very happy by the result.

I hope you like it, do not hesitate to feedback to me and tell me if you’d like to see some improvements !


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My experience with ZTD : Week 7 results

Pasture Juniper  (Juniperus communis ssp. depressa)

This is the report #7 of my experimental implementation of  Zen To Done the productivity methodology by Leo Babauta.

As a reminder, the first habit I’ve decided to implement 7 weeks ago  is to define every morning the 3 Most Important Topics (MITs) I want / need / commit to achieve during the day.

The 2nd one I started to implement last week is to manage emails to stay inbox 0 and for this to spend 30 minutes per day in an “email cleaning” session.

During week #1, the success rate has been 52 % (11/21) , during week #2, it has been 47% (9/19), and during week #3, a total failure (6%), week #4 had been better : 59% success , week #5 has been so far the best week, with 78% succes , week #6 went done with a 39% success.


[h4]Here’re the results of week #7 :[/h4][list_check]
[li] 3 MITs for the week : Did I defined 3 MITs  ? :  YES, How many did I achieve : 2/3[/li]
[li]Day 1 (March 5th) : Did I defined 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve :0/2. Did I clean emails : Yes[/li]
[li]Day 2  (March 6th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 1/2. Did I clean emails : Yes[/li]
[li]Day 3 (March 7th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 1/2. Did I clean emails : No[/li]
[li]Day 4 (March 8th) :Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 1/2. Did I clean emails : No[/li]
[li]Day 5 (March 9th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : Yes, How many did I achieve : 2/2. Did I clean emails : No[/li]
[li]Total : I’ve defined the MITs everyday, I’ve achieved  9/18 (50%).[/li]  [/list_check]

[h4]What are  my conclusions ?[/h4]
[li]9/18  is  a “standard” week.[/li]
[li]The new email habbit has not been so successfull yet.  I did it the first 2 days and then did not really stick to it (even if I still manage my emails !)[/li]
[li]Defining MITs everyday really helped me to be (at least feel) efficient ![/li][/list_check]

Next week I’ll not try to implement any new routine, but just have better result on the emails !

Results next week …

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My running report : February 2012

After my big failure last december at Singapore half marathon, I’m now training again to run another half-marathon in Annecy on April 15th.

January has been a recovery month, with not so high motivation, and I ran 5 times and 39km.
February was better. I ran 9 times for a total of 74 km.
It’s better compared to last month, but still not enough.

My objective is to run 3 times per week which is at least12 times per month…

I really appreciated running this month.

I did one of my best run ever on the snow. It has been a fantastic experience, alone in the woods, listening to good music.

March will be very important to come in good shape and by ready on april 15 th,.

It should be ok, because high motivation is back, and the weather is really better now with better temperatures.

Dashing Through the Snow

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Google 2011 revenues breakdown

In 2011 , 96% of google revenues came from advertising.

This infographic gives the breakdown of these advertising revenues.

My prefered number : the cost per click for “Cheap car insurance” is $33.97 !

Google 2011 revenues
(source : wordstream)


The problem with the wires…

[image_right_link href=”url_here” src=”http://www.francetv.fr/info/image/74r53c9ow-9ed4/570/320/377841.jpg”]

IT wires are a pain :  network wires, power wires.

I fight everyday to have my team installing workstations, network plugs, … with nice cabling.

It’s always difficult, and often we have a big mess under the tables.

This picture has been taken last week during a TV show with french president Nicolas Sarkozy.

What interest me in this picture is what I see in background… Even in the context of a tv show, with the french president, the cables are messy !


My best photos : Train in HongKong


I took this photo in the funicular railway that brings passengers up to Hong Kong’s Victoria peak.

This post is part of a serie of posts in which I present my best photos. All of them have been taken by me. The quality is not professional of course, but I love them. You can find all the posts here.

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