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My best photos : Train in HongKong


I took this photo in the funicular railway that brings passengers up to Hong Kong’s Victoria peak.

This post is part of a serie of posts in which I present my best photos. All of them have been taken by me. The quality is not professional of course, but I love them. You can find all the posts here.

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“Let’s do better presentations” : all about good powerpoint presentations

One of my favorite topics is about how to improve bad (powerpoint) presentations.
At work we spend a lot of time in meetings where the speaker uses powerpoint presentation to support his speach.
Powerpoint is also used for sales meeting, to introduce products.

These presentations are too often boring : too long, not enough structured, messy, too complicated.

Powerpoint ios not a bad tool. It’s even a good one : a lot of functionalities, easy to use.
In fact t becomes a problem because it makes it too easy to produce slides.

On this blog I post time to time about good ressources on the topic to help us to improve.

To make it more efficient I’ve created a specific page where all these resources are listed :

[h4] “Let’s do better presentation”  [/h4]

Feu d'artifice du 14 juillet 2011 sur le sites de la Tour Eiffel et du Trocadéro à Paris vu de la Tour Montparnasse - Fireworks on Eiffel Tower

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I hope you’ll like it, and it will help you to make your next presentation as interesting as fireworks !



My experience with ZTD / Week 6 results (3 MITs per day) : 39 % success !

Pasture Juniper  (Juniperus communis ssp. depressa)

This is the report #6 of my experimental implementation of  Zen To Done the productivity methodology by Leo Babauta.

As a reminder, the first habit I’ve decided to implement is to define every morning the 3 Most Important Topics (MITs) I want / need / commit to achieve during the day.

During week #1, the success rate has been 52 % (11/21) , during week #2, it has been 47% (9/19), and during week #3, a total failure (6%), week #4 had been better : 59% success , week #5 has been so far the best week, with 78% succes.

[h4]Here’re the results of week #6 :[/h4][list_check]
[li] 3 MITs for the week : Did I defined 3 MITs  ? :  YES, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li]
[li]Day 1 (February 27th) : Did I defined 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve :2/3[/li]
[li]Day 2  (February 28th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 2/3[/li]
[li]Day 3 (February 29th) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li]
[li]Day 4 (March 1st) :Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 0/3[/li]
[li]Day 5 (March 2nd) : Did I define 3 MITs ? : Yes, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li]
[li]Total : I’ve defined the MITs everyday, I’ve achieved  7/18 (39%).[/li]  [/list_check]

[h4]What are  my conclusions ?[/h4]
[li]7/18  is not a very good result in term of % of success, even if last week has been very productive for me.[/li]
[li]The main explanation of the low success rate is because I had 2 actions that needed few days to be completed. I should have divided them in really achivable daily MITs. By the way, it does not really matter as I managed to finish these important actions on time.[/li]
[li]Back from Hollidays, I’ve successfully continued my new habbit. I can now consider that it’s a win ![/li]
[li]defining MITs everyday really helped me to be (at least feel) efficient ![/li][/list_check]
Starting this week, I’ll start to implement a new routine.
The objective will be to come back under control with emails. I’ll manage emails to stay inbox 0.
To achieve this, the new habbit will be to check emails daily for 30 minutes.

Results next week …

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6 reasons to switch from Google reader to feedly

I spend around 1 hour per day browsing hundreds of feeds.
A Good Book

Since many years, I'm a big user of Google reader.

Recently I've started to use feedly, based on an advice from Tac Anderson.

The switch is now definitive, I'll not come back to Google reader (at least for few weeks…).

Here're 6 good reasons for you to do the same :

  1. Feedly is very nice. The design is just fantastic, ad the reading experience very nice (on all platorms)
  2. Feedly is available on pc, android, iOs. Today I use it in Chrome on my lpatop, on my iPad and on my Galaxy Note.
  3. Feedly implements very good sharing features, easy to use.
  4. Feedly proposes a chrome plugin “feedly mini” that gives me access to the sharing features when I'm reading a site
  5. Going from Google reader to feedly is very easy to set-up as feedly synchronize with google reader feeds in 1 click
  6. Feedly keeps synchronised with google reader (subscriptions, posts read, …) so it's very easy to go back

I hope I've convinced you to give it a try!

Let me know.

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Email overload management : a good infographic

We have a problem with emails !

Do you feel sometimes like an email machine, spending your day reading and answering emails ?

Do you sometimes face the fights started by emails ?

Too many emails is highly unproductive.

This very good infographic shows some nice numbers, and propose solutions.

(source : ansonalex.com)

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Why email starts fights (video)

I’m quite sure that in your organisation (like many…) people send tons of emails.
Email is a wonderfull tool, but … not all the time.
I love this video, because it explains it very well.
I show it to all my teams !

What do you think ? How do you manage it ?

Please share your experience!


If you have an issues  to access the video, please follow this link.

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My best photos : Electric cables in Vietnam


I took this photo in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This is a “normal” view of electrical cables in the city !

This post is part of a serie of posts in which I present my best photos. All of them have been taken by me. The quality is not professional of course, but I love them. You can find all the posts here.

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Looking for good photos for your presentations ? Compfight is for you


Do you know compfight.com ?

This site is a search engine to find good quality photos.

It brings photos from flickr under creative common licence.

Do not forget that photos are free, but some rights are still reserved (like attribution).

Do you know other good web sites to find high-quality photos ?

still rising


60 seconds in social media

This infographic show the activity that occurs in 60 seconds on main social media websites.

The most impressive number is 2 000 000  videos views on youtube very minute !

(via @jeanlucr and business Insider )