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Email overload management : a good infographic

We have a problem with emails !

Do you feel sometimes like an email machine, spending your day reading and answering emails ?

Do you sometimes face the fights started by emails ?

Too many emails is highly unproductive.

This very good infographic shows some nice numbers, and propose solutions.

(source : ansonalex.com)

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Why email starts fights (video)

I’m quite sure that in your organisation (like many…) people send tons of emails.
Email is a wonderfull tool, but … not all the time.
I love this video, because it explains it very well.
I show it to all my teams !

What do you think ? How do you manage it ?

Please share your experience!


If you have an issues  to access the video, please follow this link.

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My best photos : Electric cables in Vietnam


I took this photo in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This is a “normal” view of electrical cables in the city !

This post is part of a serie of posts in which I present my best photos. All of them have been taken by me. The quality is not professional of course, but I love them. You can find all the posts here.

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Looking for good photos for your presentations ? Compfight is for you


Do you know compfight.com ?

This site is a search engine to find good quality photos.

It brings photos from flickr under creative common licence.

Do not forget that photos are free, but some rights are still reserved (like attribution).

Do you know other good web sites to find high-quality photos ?

still rising


60 seconds in social media

This infographic show the activity that occurs in 60 seconds on main social media websites.

The most impressive number is 2 000 000  videos views on youtube very minute !

(via @jeanlucr and business Insider )


If you’re using powerpoint, you must see this video.

I love this video by Don McMillian about bad powerpoint presentations or about how to write better powerpoint presentations.

I especially like the example about graphs to present datas…

If you are using powerpoint, you must watch this !


On this topic, you can also read the series of posts about  “The Art of presentation”  part 1part2part3 and part4.


My new social Workflow (thanks @tacanderson !)

I read all posts written by Tac Anderson on his blog newcommbiz.

Last wednesday Tac published a very interesting post about his new social workflow.

This post is very good because it’s very clear, concrete and explains everything about Tac’s organisation on social medias ( to publish posts on his blogs, Twitter, facebook, to share good links, …).

I let you read it for further details.

Based on this, I’ve improved and updated my own system.

The main changes are :

  1. I’ve created a new blog on tumblr : lmaulight.
    I’ll post on this blog all the links I share : my own blog posts and other good posts I find.
    I’ll also post photos I take (not sure what I’ll do with path).
    If you want to follow everything about me , just follow it !
  2. I’ve also decided to use diigo.
    Diigo seems to be more than a bookmarking tool, but for a start I’ll use it just for this purpose : it will collect all the good links I find and help me to retrieve them.
    Later I’ll see if I can do more with it.
To implement this, I use ifttt.com and buffer as recommended by Tac.
I’ve not yet implemented a facebook page. I’m thinking about it, but not decided yet…
I hope to see you on my blogs soon !
What do you thonk about it ? Any idea ? Any comment ?
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My favorite videos : rock climbing in the Alps

Do you know Cëuze ?
It’s a very nice moutain near Gap in the French Alps.
This video about a guy doing rock-climbing there is just fantastic !

Relax, smile, and enjoy !


The Art of presentation #5 (we need to improve our presentations !)

95% of presentations are boring. Everybody use PowerPoint few people know how to use it.

This post is number 5 to introduce you a very good serie of slides written Eduardo S. de la Fuente .

If you do presentations, you should read this carefully.

If you missed previous posts, they are here, here, here and  here.

This last edition is full of resources that you can use to do better presentations  :

  • books
  • images
  • deliver your message during the first minute.

Relax, breath and enjoy !

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