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Social Media

Web 2.0, social networks, facebook, twitter, Enterprise 2.0, … Social Media are everywhere.
A big revolution is in progress that impact our day to day lives at home and at work.

This page will help you to find resources / views / ideas about social media.

1 – What is hapenning ?

I found some very good videos / slides about key numbers around social media. They are full of facts / numbers / stories about the revolution …

1- Social Media Statistics & Facts 2010
2- A Day in the Life of Social Media
3 – Is social media a fad ?
4 – Did you know 4.0

2 – What is “social media”

This presentation will give you the answer : Introduction to Social Media

3 – What does it mean for collaboration within the enterprise ?

My prefered presentation is about how knowledge management will be fully impacted, and how companies need a deep change to be ready and become more efficient Enterprise 2.0 : Knowledge management
This presentation will also give you ideas… Web 2.0 at work

4- How does social media affect businesses ? Does your company have to be on social media ?

This presentation give a good view on it, and propose a methodology : Social Media for business
And of course, why should we do something ? What is the ROI ?
Can we calculate ROI for Social Media ?

May you have other good resources to add, feel free to ping me, I’ll add them?