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Talking cloud : The Shadoks effect.

As a CIO the biggest challenge I face in my journey to cloud computing  (using SaaS or real public IaaS) is the IT ecosystem resistance.

Traditionnal IT partners come from  the ‘non cloud’ industry (and often are still into it).

Going to cloud is for them a big challenge because it will change completely their job (no more licences to sell, no more big integration projects).
It will impact their business model deeply : fully flexible costs based on usage, no more upgrades, no more  ‘maintenance’  fees.
The shadoks used to say ‘Why make things simple when they can be complicated ?’
A lot of consultants become shadoks when they talk about cloud computing.
We start from a very simple concept : a multi-tenant application accessible by a single browser and shared by all users and we come to discuss  about very complicated stuff like ‘private cloud’, ‘PaaS’, ‘IaaS’,  ‘hybrid’, ‘public’, …
All this is explained in complicated charts, with different words.
The problem of that is we often loose the the initial objective and finally just discuss about implementing some private cloud (which is not cloud !)
I’m more than ever convinced that the IT world is in strong mutation and that cloud will change everything.
Players need to adapt or disapear.

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