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This is the report #6 of my experimental implementation of  Zen To Done the productivity methodology by Leo Babauta.

As a reminder, the first habit I've decided to implement is to define every morning the 3 Most Important Topics (MITs) I want / need / commit to achieve during the day.

During week #1, the success rate has been 52 % (11/21) , during week #2, it has been 47% (9/19), and during week #3, a total failure (6%), week #4 had been better : 59% success , week #5 has been so far the best week, with 78% succes.

[h4]Here're the results of week #6 :[/h4][list_check] [li] **3 MITs for the week : **Did I defined 3 MITs  ? :  YES, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li] [li]**Day 1 (February 27th) : **Did I defined 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve :2/3[/li] **[li]Day 2  (**February **28th) : **Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 2/3[/li] **[li]Day 3 (February 29th) : **Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li] **[li]Day 4 (March 1st) :**Did I define 3 MITs ? : YES, How many did I achieve : 0/3[/li] **[li]Day 5 (March 2nd) : **Did I define 3 MITs ? : Yes, How many did I achieve : 1/3[/li] **[li]Total : I’ve defined the MITs everyday, I've achieved  7/18 (39%).[/li]  **[/list_check]

[h4]What are  my conclusions ?[/h4] [list_check] [li]7/18  is not a very good result in term of % of success, even if last week has been very productive for me.[/li] [li]The main explanation of the low success rate is because I had 2 actions that needed few days to be completed. I should have divided them in really achivable daily MITs. By the way, it does not really matter as I managed to finish these important actions on time.[/li] [li]Back from Hollidays, I've successfully continued my new habbit. I can now consider that it's a win ![/li] [li]defining MITs everyday really helped me to be (at least feel) efficient ![/li][/list_check] **Starting this week, I'll start to implement a new routine. ** **The objective will be to come back under control with emails. I'll manage emails to stay inbox 0. ** To achieve this, the new habbit will be to check emails daily for 30 minutes.

Results next week ...

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