The end of Chapter 2

I'm closing Chapter 2 of my professional life as I'm leaving Soitec. This is a big moment for me as this Chapter 2 lasted 13 years.

Before talking about Chapter 3, I want to pause and reflect briefly on what happened during these years with Soitec.

To start I had the chance to be as head of IT part of the pioneer team to start a new factory in Singapore, been relocated there for 2 years with my family.

This has been just the beginning of a global scope. Now I've ex-colleagues or partners that are sometimes friends in France, Singapore, the US, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa.

When I became CIO I've been the initiator and the leader of the company's digital transformation. Back in '10 I was convinced that Cloud, Mobility, and Social were reshaping the world and bringing them to business was strategic to create value.

In '11, we launched our "Cloud-first" strategy to totally reshape the way we did IT to improve agility, security, and costs thanks to cloud.

This has been a very exciting journey, with key decisions like moving to Google Gmail/Gsuite, like relying on public AWS cloud to run some of our fab critical applications and also tons of experiments, trials, and errors to find the best solutions and to manage change.

Conviction, resilience has been key during these years to consistently keep pace. The results have been really very rewarding with tangible cost reductions, innovative systems to support business and an incredible 9.7/10 rate given constantly by the rest of the company to our performance.

I'll keep in mind tons of memories with my incredible colleagues. Hard times with systems failure crisis, but most importantly a lot of fun, a lot of passion.

During these 13 years, the business story of Soitec has been very dynamic, with high points and very difficult times. I'm very proud to have been part of the team that took the leadership beginning of '15 at a very difficult period to turn around the business. This has been a huge opportunity for me to extend my scope outside IT, to Quality, Supply Chain, Procurement. I've learned a lot! This has been an incredible human story with all the company members. This is when I understood that this Digital Transformation is before all a question of culture, of women and men.

While handing in my decision to leave was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, the positivity that has poured out from my boss Paul and all the team has been amazing, and I'd like to thank them for that.

I know the team is strong, I'm convinced my departure will be an opportunity for my colleagues to grow and I wish them all the best.

Soon I will open Chapter 3. This will be a totally new Chapter as I want to launch my own business: Welibo. I cannot tell more about it now, but for sure it will be around Digital.

Stay tuned, have a nice day.

End of the day, Sumba Indonesia (not too far from Welibo)