6 reasons to switch from Google reader to feedly

I spend around 1 hour per day browsing hundreds of feeds.

A Good Book

Since many years, I'm a big user of Google reader.

Recently I've started to use feedly, based on an advice from Tac Anderson.

The switch is now definitive, I'll not come back to Google reader (at least for few weeks...).

Here're 6 good reasons for you to do the same :

 1. [Feedly](http://www.feedly.com) is very nice. The design is just fantastic, ad the reading experience very nice (on all platorms)
 2. Feedly is available on pc, android, iOs. Today I use it in Chrome on my lpatop, on my iPad and on my Galaxy Note.
 3. Feedly implements very good sharing features, easy to use.
 4. Feedly proposes a chrome plugin "feedly mini" that gives me access to the sharing features when I'm reading a site
 5. Going from Google reader to feedly is very easy to set-up as feedly synchronize with google reader feeds in 1 click
 6. Feedly keeps synchronised with google reader (subscriptions, posts read, ...) so it's very easy to go back

I hope I've convinced you to give it a try!

Let me know.

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