6 reasons why project managers fail to plan.

If you want your project to be successfull, you need to plan.

At the early stages, you need to plan the journey that will bring the team from the start line to the arrival (i.e. the end of the project).

Many projects fail because the team start to run without proper plan.

[h4]Everybody knows this, but why few people actually really plan before starting ?[/h4]

[h5]Because at the beginning, everything is possible.[/h5]Everybody is full of energy, the resources (manpower, time, money) seems to be infinite... So why plan ?

[h5]Because we are (often) too optimistics[/h5] "Let's go, it should be ok". Because at the beginning everything is possible, the mindset can be "Everything is possible, se are good, so we Will succeed, so.... no need to plan !"

[h5]Because planning is difficult. [/h5]

To plan you need to take a step back. You need to understand what is the essential. Planning requires specific skills.

[h5] Because planning means choices.[/h5]

When you plan, you need to choose the path, and to choose is to renounce. You need to decide wich path you'll not go. This is sometimes difficult.

[h5]Because planning seems boring. [/h5]

We all prefer action. We feel like "loosing" time planning when we could do so many concrete actions for the project !

[h5]Because we are too focused on concrete execution.[/h5]

They are so many things to do on the project : organise logisctics, welcome people, start first actions, ... From early morning to the night, the project manager is busy on very concrete actions with no time to plan...

[h4]So a good project manager will be able to forget these bad reasons that try to push him in the bad direction, and will focus on plan ![/h4]