My word for 2019 will be "Enjoy"

I started with this "word of the year" idea 3 years ago.

This idea of replacing the traditional New Year’s resolutions by just 1 word is an idea I took from Benoit Curdy.

In 2016, my word of the year was "Focus", which, for me, functioned as a reminder to spend more time on fewer things, avoid multitasking, be more present.

The next year I chose "Learn" and spent more time on learning new things related to digital like coding, big data, machine learning but also lern things related to the personal organization, to geopolitics, to history.

Finally, for 2018, I chose "Read" with a target of 24 books to be read during the year (I finished at 17), doing some posts about the books (I did it for 2).

For this year, my word will simply be "Enjoy".

I'll try as much as I can to enjoy the moment, take time to appreciate a simple meal with my family, time to enjoy visiting a new city, time to enjoy running, looking at nature. To put it simple, enjoy more all small things that make my life.

For this, I'll have to calm down, chill out, and also sometime take a step back from my busy schedule. I'll also have to improve the way I deal with notifications coming from all devices (more on that on a post coming).

I also plan to enjoy more at work.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I'm really passionate about it, tt's full of excitement, stimulations, great responsibilities, nice colleagues, ... but for this year I want to take time to realize how lucky I'm to hold such a position, to take time to celebrate our great results take time to really enjoy it.

"Enjoy" means also being optimistic. People keep telling me I'm not so bad at it, often I'm the guy that sees the "half-full" glass of water and this why the headline of my blog is "Welcome, Smile, Life is good !".

Being optimistic is a strong engine for me and I'm convinced it helps to be to be stronger. Recently I've realized I'm sometimes less optimistic as I used to be especially in some stressful or boring situations.

I'll try to keep the positive view during this year!

I wish you a very good year. Enjoy !

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