a fantastic IT portfolio template.'

If you are looking for good portfolio management solutions for your IT projects, I highly recommend you the IT Dashboard website.

Building an  IT projects portfolio is very important for CIOs  in order to :

[list_checkgrey][li] list potential projects, decide which projects to launch[/li][li]follow on going projects assing progress and risks[/li][li]have a good communication tool.[/li][/list_checkgrey]

As stated on the welcome page :

The IT Dashboard is a website enabling federal agencies, industry, the general public and other stakeholders to view details of federal information technology investments. The purpose of the Dashboard is to provide information on the effectiveness of government IT programs and to support decisions regarding the investment and management of resources. The Dashboard is now being used by the Administration and Congress to make budget and policy decisions.

This site presents all US federal IT projects.

The main points I like are :


All projects are presented.

The montlhy report by the project manager with the current status and risk analysis is available.

[h4]3 simple kpis[/h4]

Each project is managed using only 3 kpis :

[list_checkgrey][li]project cost[/li][li]project schedule[/li][li]risk assessement by project manager[/li][/list_checkgrey]

This set of kpi is simple and easy to understand. A FAQ gives all the definitions.

[h4]Nice visual representation[/h4]

The green/orange/red color code helps to have a very good immediate view

Simple graphs are porposed.

[h4] The source code is available [/h4]

Finally, the source-code of the site is available for free.

I use it as a template since 2 years, based on a sharepoint framework. If you're interested in sharing, let me know.

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