the efficiency of your team can increase dramatically !'

I'd like to share with you a tool that I've discovered few months ago and that helped me to improve dramatically my team efficiency.

The name of this tool is "The behaviour" scale. The guy that presented it to me is Nicolas Schifarth

It's a simple A4 document that represent the 9 levels of reaction when someone faces a problem to solve.

4 are unproductive, 1 is neutral and 4 are ... productive.

The nine steps are :

  1. Ignore This is clear, the first thing you can do when you face an issue is to ignore it. Maybe because you really don't know anything about it (nobody told you, you did not see the effects yet) or because you don't want to see it. 2. Deny
    The problem is now there, you see it, someone tell you about it but reality is sometimes difficult to admit, so the reaction can be "what are you talking about ? There's no problem" 3. Blame
    Now you know there's an issue, you can see it, you can feel the effects, but then, first reaction can be to try to find an immediate explanation, and more important to explain it's not your fault ! 4. Justify
    Ok, there's a problem, you're part of it (because you did something wrong or because you did not prevent it), the next try is to explain why you failed and to justify the failure. 5. Undertake
    This is the first "not unproductive" state : there's an issue, you just admit it exists !
    This is the famous "Houston, we've an issue" send by appollo 13 crew. The question is not is there a problem ? who can we blame ? It's just to report the issue. 6. Paliate
    There's an issue. You admit it exists. First positive thing to do is to limit the effects. 7. Analyse
    The problem is under control, you can start to analyse why we are there, what can be done to solve it 8. Correct
    OF course this is the most important : you correct the problem ! It took us 7 steps to come here.... 9. Imagine
    This is the nirvana ! you try to think out of the box to correct this issue, to think about the next ones and anticipates !

What do you think about it ?

Next time you face an issue, or interact with soemone, just try to think about where you are from 1 to 9...

In my case it helps me A LOT.

(If you work with French people, here're the version in French-English and in French)