all about users, nothing about companies'

Google has posted the 5 Google privacy principles.

This text, and video associated, gives the 5 rules that Google proposes to follow regarding users data privacy management.

* 1 - Use information to provide our users with valuable products and services. * 2 - Develop products that reflect strong privacy standards and practices. * 3 - Make the collection of personal information transparent. * 4 - Give users meaningful choices to protect their privacy. * 5 - Be a responsible steward of the information we hold

My comments:

1 -** The first principle justify why … Google needs to gather as much personal information as possible.** This is nice: "tell me all about you, it will allow me to be more relevant". Sure. Very people may argue that the best way to protect privacy is to avoid storing confidential datas. With this 1 principle, Google explain that they will do the opposite (store a lot of personal information), but that's a good thing for the users. Very clever!

2 - There's nothing about companies. Today, Google really focus on personal users, not on company. Not a single word to explain how the privacy of the datas of company that may use Google cloud application will be managed.

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