Why I switched from Nirvana to Wunderlist ?'

I've been using Nirvana for a long time as my only tool to support my GTD system.

I like it because it's nicely done, coherent with GTD, efficient.

By the way 2 weeks ago I've switched to Wunderlist.Sunrise with Tree

Why ?

For ONE  reason : MOBILITY.

Wunderlist has an ipad and an  android appplications.

These applications are nicely done and allow me to be 100% sure to access my actions even if I'm not connected to a good network (which is quite often finally).

If I want to have an efficient system it must be accessible on my ipad and or my galaxy tab, everyday, in all locations, online and offline.

For this, a dedicated application is a must.

photo : Creative Commons License  Hartwig HKD via Compfight

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