I've improved my personal record on half-marathon by 10 minutes !

yellow Photo Credit: David via Compfight

I'm still folowing my objective to become a marathoner.

On april 15 I ran half-marathon for the 3rd time.

My first run was 1 year ago in Annecy (France), it went well, and it took me 2h 06 min to finish.

In december I did another try in Singapore, it went really very bad, and I finished the race totally exhausted in a terrible 2h26 minutes.

This new attempt was very important as I had 2 objectives : forget the Singapore failure, and improve my last year time to confirm that I'm on the good path to achieve a marathon soon!

Everything went well and I crossed the finish line in a very good (for me !) 1h56 min.

It's 10 min, better than last year. It's an average speed of 11.0 km/h (last year was 10km/h).

Why did I improve ?

because every race I build experience. Last year was my first ever 21.1km run. This year it was the 3rd one

because the weather was very good : 7 degres, small rain. I've learnt that this is an ideal weather to run

because I was confident about my objective : some good training sessions showed me I was able to run at 11km/h

because I was not alone. 2 colleagues ran with me and helped me to keep the good pace

because I'm improving at running  ! I just started to run 2 years ago, so I'm still improving

because I did some "qualitative" training not just running to build my endurance skill.

So what is next ?

My new next objective is to run Paris marathon in 1 year from now.

Before that, I'll run Paris-Versailles (17km) in september to keep an intermediate objective.

I've now one full year to improve and be ready !