Last year I ran 1 045 kilometers.

I started to run seriously in june 2010.

2011  was my first complete year of running :

  * I ran 1 045 kilometers, 2 times more than 2010.
  * I ran 112 times, which is 2.15 times per week.
  * I ran during 113 hours and 58 min.
  * I burned 96 672 calories
  * I ran in France, Germany, USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain.
  * I raced 3 times, 2 half-marathon (Annecy and [Singapore]( and a 16 km race (Paris-Versailles).
  * I beat my longer run record running my first half marathon in 2h6min.
  * I beat my 10km record in 59 minutes, (during the half marathon).
  * I learned to practice interval running
  * I was injured 1 time

I've really enjoyed to be serious at running, and I plan to continue this year.

My plan for this year is to run again a half-marathon in april, and if it goes well, I'll run my first marathon in automn.

And you, do you run ?

(Photo By timtak on flickr)