you should do it for your own security !'

English: Secure fence?

I've already posted about lastpass, the service I use to secure all my passwords in one single place.

A new tool is now available : the "security challenge". This tool will screen all your your login/passwords recorded in your lastpass vault and give you statistics

  * number of duplicate passwords
  *  weakness of the passwords
  * average password length.

I did it. The first result was obviously terrible : many duplicate passwords.. I basically use 4... and quite weak passwords.

Then you can imagine that changing all these passwords (I've 260 websites secured in lastpass) will be a big pain. This is where lastpass can help again. Based on the list of all the web sites, it propose you to directly open a new window on this site, then you go to the "change password" option and change it. Of course you still need some time to do it, but it helps a lot !

I love when services like that really gives added value that you did not expect...

Thank you lastpass !

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