Looking for a tool to manage your action list? Facilethings.com is coming and

Thanks to Francisco Saez (@franciscojsaez) , I've an access to a new GTD-like action management website : facilethings.com. I can here your questions coming : "What ? 1 more tool to manage actions ? Why should I try it ?". Here're 3 reasons : * facilethings.com is really GTD compliant, it's even a very good GTD tutorial.
In the different screens you know at which step you're (collect, process,...) and a quick text explain you very clearly what you have to do.
This is for me what makes this tool special and good to use.

  • facilethings.com is simple and efficient.
    The design is very nice : simple, elegant, with an easy access to the different functions.

  • **facilethings.com implement the most important functions ** that are needed for a start.
    For example, the recurring tasks are already there. In many other tools recurring tasks are not implemented, and it's a big miss as we all have recurring tasks !

I'm not sure of the roadmap of the application, for me, it should concentrate on :

  • implementing projects
  • creating mobile applications for android and iphone/ipad.
  • of course, it's very important to keep the fresh and nice design !

If you manage to get an invite and give it a try, and please tell me what you think !