let''s start'

Last week-end I've read the book "Zen To done" by Leo Babauta.

Zen To Done (ZTD) is "The Ultimate Simple Productivity System".

I'll not describe ZTD here, for more details please go to Leo's website to read a summary, or better, buy and read the book (I highly recommend it).

One main idea of ZTD is to be pragmatic and to change your habbits one by one.

I'm already a GTD user since few years, so I've already implemented some concepts described in ZTD (collect, process using the 2 minutes rule, ...) but I also face the "classical" GTD issues : too many actions, a complicated system to follow them (using the very good application nirvanahq) and a lot of difficulties to do the weekly review.

I've decided to do an experiement and to try to implement ZTD concepts and see how it can help me.

The first stage I'll try  is to implement the habit of defining every morning the 3 MITs (Most Important Topics) that I want to adress during the day (and I commit to myself to ...).

As a start, I've also drastically simplified my nirvanahq usage : I've removed all my projects, and put all the actions in 1 single list.

I started this last Monday (January 16th).

Every week I'll give here a status of the experiment.

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