Week 9 results'

Pasture Juniper  (Juniperus communis ssp. depressa)

This is the report #9 of my experimental implementation of  Zen To Done the productivity methodology by Leo Babauta.

As a reminder, the first habit I've decided to implement 9 weeks ago  is to define every morning the 3 Most Important Topics (MITs) I want / need / commit to achieve during the day.

The 2nd one I started to implement 3 weeks ago is to manage emails to stay inbox 0 and for this to spend 30 minutes per day in an "email cleaning" session.

I'm really happy with the result of these 2 new habbits.

Defining 3 MITs everyday really helps to stay focused.

Of course many times it does not goes as planned, and achieving the MITs is not always possible, but at list I achieve some, and I know what to focus on next day.

**Next week I'll not try to implement any new routine, but I'll still focus on : **

  * ** define 3 MITs (**and do them !)
  * **do a 30 min email cleaning** session everyday to come back to inbox 0.

Results next week ...

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