My new A5 notebook with top spiral. If you're lefty, you should try it !

As I've explained in another post, I'm back to paper to take notes.

info au survol

I think I've found the good notebook for me, it's a simple A5 Note pad with top spiral .

Top spiral is important because :

  * it makes it easy to turn pages
  * it makes it easy to tear a page
  * it makes it easy for me to write, as I'm a lefty (yes, for lefty people, writing in a "normal" notebook is difficult, with a  a top spiral I can write without pressing my wrists into the spiral )

I use it in a very simple way : 1 page = 1 topic.

Every meeting, every discussion, every topic I use a new black page, starting by writing in the right top corner the date and the topic.

I do not hesitated to tear pages if what I wrote is not valuable or if I've copied it in my electronic system because it was valuable.

And you, what do you use ?

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