My new social Workflow (thanks @tacanderson !)

I read all posts written by Tac Anderson on his blog newcommbiz.

Last wednesday Tac published a very interesting post about his new social workflow.

This post is very good because it's very clear, concrete and explains everything about Tac's organisation on social medias ( to publish posts on his blogs, Twitter, facebook, to share good links, ...).

I let you read it for further details.

Based on this, I've improved and updated my own system.

The main changes are :

  1. **I've created a new blog on tumblr : [lmaulight](**

I'll post on this blog all the links I share : my own blog posts and other good posts I find. I'll also post photos I take (not sure what I'll do with path). If you want to follow everything about me , just follow it ! 2. I've also decided to use diigo. Diigo seems to be more than a bookmarking tool, but for a start I'll use it just for this purpose : it will collect all the good links I find and help me to retrieve them. Later I'll see if I can do more with it.

To implement this, I use and buffer as recommended by Tac.

I've not yet implemented a facebook page. I'm thinking about it, but not decided yet...

I hope to see you on my blogs soon !

What do you thonk about it ? Any idea ? Any comment ?

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