August 2012'

yellow Creative Commons License Photo Credit: David via Compfight Last time I've posted about my running experience was in april after my very good run in Annecy Half-Marathon when I improved my personnal record by 10 minutes.

5 months ago.

These 5 months have been difficult in term of running due to a bad muscle pain in the thigh .

Just after the race, the pain was so strong that it was even difficult to walk.

I had to rest a lot for it to heal.

From may to July I ran less than 50 km in total ! (I ran 105 km just in 1 month in march).

Starting mid-august, I have been able to run again around 2/3 times per week, and I'm very happy !

In order to prevent the pain to come back, doctors have asked me to strech more and build some abdominal muscle. I'm focusing on it...

My next objective is still the Paris Marathon, on April 7th 2013 !

I'll be ready !