February 2012'

After my big failure last december at Singapore half marathon, I'm now training again to run another half-marathon in Annecy on April 15th.

January has been a recovery month, with not so high motivation, and I ran 5 times and 39km. February was better. I ran 9 times for a total of 74 km. It's better compared to last month, but still not enough.

My objective is to run 3 times per week which is at least12 times per month...

I really appreciated running this month.

I did one of my best run ever on the snow. It has been a fantastic experience, alone in the woods, listening to good music.

March will be very important to come in good shape and by ready on april 15 th,.

It should be ok, because high motivation is back, and the weather is really better now with better temperatures.

Dashing Through the Snow

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