My ZTD experience, 1.5 year after...

Pasture Juniper  (Juniperus communis ssp. depressa)

I discovered Leo Batauta Zen to done blog in January 2012.

I started to implement ZTD as my productivity method just few weeks after.

In order to help me during the first weeks and to share with the community, I started a series of blog posts during the first weeks (in fact 9 weeks).

The main changes in my personnal organisation since then are :

Create a daily routine ! Take the habbit to create habbits and stick to them. This is a very powerfull skill that we all should learn ! Leo's approach is very pragmatic, concrete, and it works ! (at least for me...) For example , I've setup the habbit to run 3 times per week, the habbits to keep my email inbox at 0

Every day, 3 MITs Every single day I define the 3 (3, not 4 or 5!) MITs (Most Important Things) that I commit to do for this day. This is really a very simple but VERY powerfull habit. It helps me to feel under control and achieve most important things, so it's helps me to be more productive.

** Simplify, simplify, simplify** I'm an engineer, I like complicated and elaborated things. But based on Leo's advices, I'm now in a 'simplify' as much as possible approach. For example, my action management tool has been simplified drastically. I went from an elaborated GTD oriented system with maybe 150 actions into it in 20 different lists, to a simple system with 3 lists and around 30 actions into it.

So yes, I'm very happy about it.

If you're looking for a good productivity ;ethod, I highly recommend you to have a look at it.