today I failed, but I did not give up !'

Today I ran the Singapore half marathon. with 20 000 other people. This was the second time in my life I ran such a distance, the first time it was in Annecy (France) last april. This half-marathon was supposed to be a check of my progression that will bring me to become a marathoner.

During this race, everything went wrong. I did not feel good at the start (too hot), I never found a good pace, and started to be feel really bad at km 9...

This has been a terrible experience. I was supposed to be here to beat my personal record (2h06 min) in order to secure the possibility to run a full marathon next april.

When I understood that it will not be possible, and that I'll have to fight to finish in less thant 2h30, the feeling was really terrible.

Finally, I did not give up, I fight for 2 hours and 26 minutes, which is a very long time, and I arrived safe to the finish line. That was one of the worse sports experience in my life.

My conclusion after that race is that :

  • running is a very difficult sport when things go wrong.
  • I'm quite sure that 50 % of my failure is due to mental aspects
  • running in Singapore with hot weather and a lot of humidity has a big impact on my performance
  • I'll not run the marathon next april, I'll try again the half marathon to progress

Tonight I'm very disappointed, but I'll take 3 to 4 weeks of rest and start again to train !