Some very cool iphone Applications

I'm very impressed by the very cool applications that exist for iphone.

To find new applications, I use appsfire , a very cool service, where you can browse throw most installed apps, or throw VIP prefered applications.

If you have an iphone, you must try it !

Using appsfire, I've found for example :

remote :

This application is simply magic. The installation and setup is very simple :

  1.  you install it on the iphone
  2. you launch itunes on your pc (or mac), and enter the code provided on the iphone in itunes

And then ... the iphone become a remote that control itunes on the PC. It's simply magic !

shazam :

You hear a music that you like, you just click on shazam, and click "tag". The iphone "listen" to the music, and the give you the title and artist. Very useful to note and archive music that you like.

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