What Singapore can learn from Europe.

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I've spent 2 years in Singapore, and go there for business once per quarter.

This city / country is amazing. In 45 years Singaporeans have been able to achieve tremendous development of their economy.

This has een possible thanks to good decisions, strong leadership, and a lot of work.

At the end, even if standard of living can be comparable between Europe and Singapore (living, housing, leisure, schools, ...) huge differences exists espcially around politics, arts, inequalities.

These differences are  very difficult to describe without behing caricatural.

A colleague pointed to me  a very good article : What Singapore can learn from Europe by By Tommy Koh.

In this article , Mr Koh describe 4 areas of differences betweeen Europe and Singapore in which Singapore should learn from Europe :

[list_ordered][li]Salary equity and minimum wage[/li] [li]Higher fertility[/li] [li]Embracing nature and sustainable development[/li] [li]Heritage, culture and the arts[/li] [/list_ordered]

If you want to know more, just read it, this is a very good article to understand differences between Singapore and Europe society.

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