Why I'll never buy an amazon kindle ...and why it's not a bad news for amazon

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In a post last October I asked my self if I should buy a kindle for Christmas.

Finally, I did not and now I'm sure it was a good decision.
I'll never buy a kindle because I'll buy an iPad, and I'll use the kindle application to access amazon books.

I've already tried the kindle application for iPhone.
I've read a first real book on it and I was very impressed of the quality of the reading experience even on a very small screen : good contrast, very easy to read (even in bad luminosity conditions).

Having it on an Ipad (which is basically a big Iphone) will be just perfect for me.

I've just found an article in mashable, where you'll see that other people think like me.

So finally, Amazon will not sell a lot of kindle, but will sell a lot of electronic books, thanks to the kindle application.

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