Why London+ Qantas Airways > Paris + Air France

I'm just back from Singapore wnere I've spent 4 very efficient business days.

Usually I travel via Paris airport, using Air France plane.
This time, I decided to change and to try Qantas Airways via London.

The initial reason of this change were :

  • avoid Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and the very bad experience I've everytime with the security controls and the organisation of the airport
  • flight on an Airbus A380

Doing this, I had to change my habbits and buy a Qantas Airways ticket i stead of Air France.

My conclusion is that I'm fully happy about this choice !

  • in London heathrow, everything went smoothly, no big queue, a good organisation at security checks.

  • Qantas airways is a real customer oriented company. You can feel it immediatly on board when the announce is not done by a "chef de cabine" but by the "customer care manager". And this is not bullshit. People on board seems to be really committed to make you happy during the flight.

  • The A380 experience is great : more space (few cm... but very important for my long legs), very good and modern Entertainment system.

So, even if I'm french, I can tell you that London + Qantas Airways > Paris + Air France.

Location:Chemin de Maupertuis,Meylan,France