Why travels can help you to be more efficient.

Travelling all over the world for business has obvious inconvenients.

It's time consuming, you loose time in the travel, it's also tiring, because of the travel itself, because of jetlag.

By the way I've found that travelling is s also very usefull for me to be efficient Here's why in 4 points.

Breath !

When travelling, you're away from operational activities.

It breaks your daily routine, and you're less involved in operations.

It has 2 good points : the level of stress decrease, and you can breath !

Another perspective.

Being away physically give you another view on what you're doing. It helps to take a step back and have another analysis on the situation.

This can be very useful to find new solutions.

Meet new people.

When travelling you meet new people.

New people means new ways of thinking, new ideas.

Discover your colleagues.

Travels is very good way to take time to discuss with your colleagues and really discover them.

Being together away from the company helps people to be less shy and really show who they are.

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