Will I get a Kindle for Christmas ?

This morning, I connected to my favorite amazon.fr (yes, I'm in France) to order a book.

And... fantastic news... on the home page, I can read "The new kindle is now available for ordering".

This is a news I'm waiting for months.

The things I'm waiting from a kindle are :

  * be able to buy a new book and have it immediatly (yes, I'm quite impatient sometimes...)

  * have just 1 thing to bring in which I've all my books. I often read few books at the same time...

  * have my favorite newspaper directly at home. I love reading newspaper, but it's sometimes boring to go and buy them (especially in winter, cold weather...)

So this news made me very happy ! I plan to buy a kindle since the first day. Why didn't I do it yet ?

First because it was not available where I live (before in Singapore, now in France). I know I can still order it from US or buy on eBay, but no. I do not like to buy items that are not available where I'm because I know it will be painfull to use (what happen if it fails ? ....)

Second, because of the price. I think my limit is 220 USD which is quite the price for US people now.

So, will I get a kindle for Christmas ? This is not sure...

  * The price is still a little bit to high (when I place the order... the price goes to 334 USD to be compared to my 220 USD limit ...+50% )
  * I need to check which books are really available (this a quite important point !). Should be ok, books are read are mainly in english and about tech topics.
  * I also need to know which french newspapers are availabble (I know "le monde" is)
  * Finally, I'm not sure about the wireless connection. Is it 3G ? Wifi ? Will it work in France ? If I go in other countries (Italy, Singapore, ...) will it work ?

One strange thing is that amazon do not really communicate or tease about it.

So, let's think about it... and maybe wait for an android eBook ?

[Update] : I've found avery good blog about kindle : simply "Blog Kindle" In this article International Release for Kindle 2 ! I've learnt that :

  * the kindle available is the "kindle 2" while last version is Kindle DX...
  * the kindle is available for France Italy
  * the kindle is not available for Singapore (strange)

Will I buy it for Christmas... I still do not know !

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