With realtime web, geography become more important

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After 2 years sent in Singapore, I'm now based in France.
I go to Singapore time to time for business.

Using twitter everyday, I realised that real time web is very linked to where you're, because of time zones.

When we use realtime web tools (twitter, search in twitter), the interaction is done with people online.

If you're online when other people are sleeping... the efficiency is not so high.

Being in Singapore, it was more difficult for me to interact with people in France, especally in evening time (evening in France is night in Singapore).

Internet is a very good tool to simplify interaction even if people are far away, for this, websites, emails are very efficient tools to share information, and exchange information, on asynchroneous mode.

With realtimeweb, it will change, it's more like having a log of interactions, but in realtime, so people need to use it at the same time to interact.

Everybody says, and we see it, that new web is about real-time, so it will be interisting to see how it will be auto organised, based on the location of people.