7 reasons to have a Samsung Galaxy note

I've a Samsung galaxy note since 3 weeks now.

I'll not do a full test here, as I'm not good for that, and as you can find many tests done by many very good people.

Instead, I'll give you the key reasons to have one.
As a background, I've to say that I use or have used :

  • Ipad 1 (personnal, at home)
  • Ipad 2 (daily for work)
  • Samsung galaxy tab (7 inches) (before I have the galaxy note)
  • few blackberrys (last one is a torch)
  • 2 iphones (3 and 4) (used by my family members)

So here are the reasons why I've replaced my blackberry and why I've given my Galaxy tab to my son :

  • **I love the size. **
    The galaxy note is bigger than a "normal" smartphone and provides a really good reading experience.
    In the same time, it's not so big and fit in the pocket of my trousers (which is not the case with the galaxy tab 7 inches).

  • **I love the speed. **
    The speed is just amazing (going throw screens, launching applications, browsing internet).

  • **I love Android Honeycomb. **
    The note comes with Android Honeycomb (Samsung commited to bring Android 4 -Ice Cream Sandwich - in Q1).
    With this version of android, the user experience is really very good. It's now comparable with iOS.

  • **I love the weight. **
    The device is not heavier than my smaller blackberry!
    To acheive this, Samsung uses very thin materials (when you change the sim card, you're always affraid to breake it), but it's really good to have a light device.

  • I love the integration with google services.
    This is true for all Android devices, but the integration with Google services is really great. I love to watch my picasa photos. I love to find my preferred addresses in Google maps...

  • I love the battery lifeOne of the problem on many devices is the battery life. With the galaxy note, I can use it "normally" during the day without being affraid about having no more power.

  • I love the screen resolutionScreen is just amazing. Watching videos is a real pleasure.